5 Things To Prepare You For Yayoi Kusama’s: Infinity Mirrors


  1. Be in the Moment

You don’t get a whole lot of time to spend in each of the rooms created by Kusama (20 – 30 seconds at max). Though it’s important to make sure to capture the perfect selfie ;). Make sure you really make most of your time. The exhibit invites you to take viewing art to a new realm with each room being so indescribably fascinating.

  1. Prep Your Phone

With that being said prep your phone before you arrive. Make sure your phone’s fully charged and ready to go to capture that perfect picture. Have the camera app open before you walk into the infinity rooms to maximize your time inside. If you do end up losing charge, the AGO does offer a charging station on the first floor for your use.

  1. Bring Your Patience

Along with your phone make sure to bring your patience, because the line up to enter each room can take upwards of 30 mins. In total, there are six different rooms each with different themes. By now you probably already know that there is a ton of hype around Yayoi Kusama’s event. You’ve probably already seen the impossible to look past pictures that have popped up all over your timelines. There will probably be no stopping until the event wraps up at the AGO on May 27th.

  1. There are Penises Everywhere

Yayoi Kusama like many suffers from mental health. Kusama is the youngest child of a loveless, arranged marriage and was constantly traumatized by her mother, who regularly sent her to spy on her father as he engaged in constant affairs. This led to Kusama developing a deep phobia around the male body and sexuality. In the Infinity Mirror Room – Phalli’s Filed, one of her first installation pieces, is filled with knee-high, polka-dotted, stuffed penises. This was a way for her to make a safe space of her most crippling childhood fear.



  1. Don’t get Scammed

As popular as the Infinity Mirrors exhibit has been, AGO has recently warned people of ticket scams. AGO stated on Twitter that they are “the only authorized seller of Infinity Mirrors tickets.” So, make sure to be careful. You can still get a ticket, so check the AGO site for legitimate tickets and more info.


If you do plan on going make sure to get your tickets early!!


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