Everybody who has chapped lips at the moment say, listen up!

Taken from Fresh.com

Taken from Fresh.com

I used to always have some gross chapped lips. Every time winter came around, I always suffered from dry, flakey lips. When I was a child I used to just hope it’d some how go away and I was even embarrassed by it. I tried multiple different lip balms and whatever else to try to keep my lips moisturized but nothing really worked. I had a weird rundown with the Sugar Rosé Tinted Lip Treatment by Fresh back in 2009. I think I received it as a birthday present from Sephora but I really didn’t enjoy it. I felt as if the treatment didn’t do its job. It was drying and kind of waxy.

Seven years later, I tried this treatment again. Now, I can safely say I’m in love with it. I do not know exactly what the problem was years ago but I do remember sliding it over to my mom being like, “oh here… you can have it.” The smell of the product is light and lemony, just like all of the other Fresh products. This stuff has an SPF of 15 so you can take it on your sun loving trips. Long story short, this product is so great for those who want to save their poor lips from this frigid weather, especially in Toronto.

Talk to you soon! Happy gift shopping!