Since we’re on the topic of gifts, I wanted to let you guys know about some cool frames that you can gift your baes this year. I am very much into sleek and retro styles, as you guys may now know and that’s what the brand, Warby Parker is all about.

Warby Parker is an eyewear brand and they have an exclusive holiday collection featuring some stylish eyeglasses and sunglass frames. They have cool new frames, giftable editions, and their gift cards come with a customized Rubik’s cube.

To see all the styles from the line, visit

Check out my two favourite frames from the line:


I love these beautiful black cat eye frames. They look so classy but they are also very trendy. These are perfect for enjoying some family time reading to your kids by the fire place.

These would be my favourite sunglasses from the line. The gold detailing on top just gives a rich vibe. Like you were just partying on a Yacht instead of freezing your butt off in the snow.

I will definitely keep you guys posted on more holiday gift ideas going forward. Follow my Instagram and Snapchat because I love to share a lot on those platforms as well!

Talk to you soon lovers!