Ronto’s Burger

Ronto’s Burger is a brand new restaurant in downtown Toronto. It is located 772 College St, Toronto, ON M6G 1C6. This spot specializes in classic items with a flair. Ronto’s was started up by two brothers who always wanted to operate their own restaurant. Their items and customer service is amazing.

They have a bring and clean atmosphere. We liked that they had pictures of the different burgers on the wall. You could pick what you want to eat without guessing what it was going to look like!

We went in for a media tasting on the day after their grand opening. We got to try out the Mac & Cheese burger which was very photogenic but at the same time… tasty. We also tried the two piece chicken and waffles. Their waffles are nice and crispy. We also tried their “Got Beef?” poutine. Their special Ronto’s sauce is so good. It tastes like big mac sauce but with a twist. Their fries were also very crispy. Long story short, we couldn’t even finish our meals. We were that full! We are not complaining about that!

We had a great time at Ronto’s. Next time we go in, we’re going to try out the Barnyard burger and the Breakfast burger for sure! They both look amazing as well. If you visit Ronto’s Burger, let us know what you think!