You know what guys… as soon as I became pregnant all I was worried about was “bouncing back.” What does that even mean?! It took me a while but I’ve come to the conclusion that I love this new body. I love that I was able to give birth to my beautiful baby and am proud that I was able to create life!

When I was gifted two pieces from PinkBlush, I was ecstatic that they focused on creating fashionable looks for mommas. They also have such cute clothing for babies. I absolutely hated being pregnant and looking for maternity clothing! Everything looked lame and I just wasn’t into it.

I love this stretchy green ribbed dress. It’s thick but nice and fitting. I love that it gives me easy access to feed Zay when necessary. I also fell in love with this beautiful flowy cardigan. You guys know how much I love baggy clothing. I love that this piece completes any look! You can pair it up with almost any outfit.

Have any of you shopped at PinkBlush? Check out this link!