Hot Paws and Our Love for Winter:

This year has been a whirlwind! How are you all feeling? I know it can feel really overwhelming sometimes, but something that has TRULY helped my family and I, is the fact that we can step out and get fresh air. 

We’ve really owned the outdoors since Zay was born. He’s in love with being outside, ever since he was around 6 months old. He would marvel at the snowflakes at such a young age. Vith and I have noticed that he truly has a deep connection with nature and we want to nurture that! When we started out in lock down in March, we would go out for daily walks or just hang out in our backyard. 

We’re all super excited for our first snowfall at our household. We’re already planning a ski trip to Blue Mountain. We also want to go tobogganing a lot this year. We’re partnering up with Hot Paws and we’re excited about it. Vith and I have been wearing Hot Paws since we were little kids. To see Zay in similar gear is truly a gift. We’ve been loving our Hot Paws Matching hats. Zay is so picky when it comes to clothing and accessories, but he adores his Hot Paws items. He even remembers to put on his own Hot Paws hat before going outdoors. We also genuinely are so thankful for the Hot Paws Mitt clips. You’ll never have to worry about your child losing his/her mittens!

We truly feel ready for the colder season with our matching hats and accessories. Can’t wait to show you more! Make sure to follow us on Instagram: to see more. Also, check out Hot Paws here and get ready for Winter: Https://

Cheers friends,

Stay warm and stay safe!