Beach Bums

So, we made a spontaneous decision to go to the beach the other day with our little one and I realized that if you’re prepared… this process is not that hard. Here are some things I have learned over the past year and thoughts I wanted to share:

1) Choose 1- Go early or go late. The UV rays may be a bit too strong at noon and that’s usually nap time. So either go early and have your coffee in the car. Or, go after nap time. Your baby/toddler will be well-rested.

2) Take the necessities. These include: hat, rain umbrella, picnic blanket, change of clothes and diapers. If you are taking your young infant, a tent would be helpful.

3) Slather on that sunscreen at home before you dress them. Especially if you have a squirmy one-like mine. Find sunscreen that works for your child’s skin, I use Think Baby. Their skin is super thin at the moment so it is important to protect them.

4) Pack light! The first time I took Zay to the beach was a hot ass mess. I packed all these unnecessary things and was just hauling everything around like a loser. If your kid is anything like mine (busy), you’re going to need to be free to chase them around. So, I’d suggest leaving all the random knick knacks at home.

5) Snacks! Don’t forget snacks. Having fruit, cut up veggies and some dry snacks would be ideal. Having different options available just in case of melt downs -lol.

6) Last step is to… chill out. As parents, we develop a lot of anxiety. This is definitely easier said than done. You kiddo MAY eat sand (like mine) but, it’s all good. They will survive. Enjoy this time with your baby ❤️.