I brought two collections of Kérastase Paris on my trip to Greece. I love both collections dearly! I am so excited to share these products with you since they have worked wonders for me.
The Densifique collection is for those who pretty much lack density in their locks. I have always pretty much had very frizzy but thin hair. I am so jealous of those with thick hair!
This collection comes with a shampoo, rinse out conditioner, thickening hair mousse, and a densening hair mask.
The smell is very pleasant. I use all the products of this collection to make it seem like I have volumptuous hair. The hair mousse gives me the wet hair look without making me look like I am trying too hard.
The scent is to die for! This collection gives me such a refreshing feel.
Now on to the Volumifique collection. This collection comes with a shampoo, thickening effect hair conditioner, and volume expansion spray. It is also for fine hair but for those who enjoy a lot of volume, like me.
All the products mentioned above can be bought by the collection or individually. You can do the online diagnostic tool to find your fit: http://www.kerastase.com/en/hair-diagnosis.
Thank you so much to Macintyre Communications for hooking my hair up. My hair has been on fleek for this trip and will continue be nice back in Toronto!